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Pharmacy lab requirements and Instruments


Pharmacy lab requirements and Instruments
Test Tubes
A hollow cylinder, especially one that conveys a fluid or functions as a passage. usually used in organic and analytical chem. for mixing and dissolving small amount of sample in the solvent.

Test Tube Rack: (knew definition) hold multiple test tubes

Test Tube brush
It is a brush that is long and narrow to clean the inside of glassware, in particular test tubes.

Measuring cylinders :
a measuring instrument for measuring fluid volume; a glass container (cup or cylinder or flask) whose sides are marked with or divided into amounts.

Droppers :A narrow, usually calibrated glass tube into which small amounts of liquid are suctioned for transfer or measurement.
Buritte : used to deliver solution in precisely-measured, variable volumes.

The primary function of a beaker is to hold and work with liquids.
Conical Flask: A conical laboratory flask with a narrow neck and flat broad bottom used with but buritte in titration.

Volumetric Flask: used to make up a solution of fixed volume very accurately.

Funnel: a utensil that is usually a hollow cone with a tube extending from the smaller end and that is designed to catch and direct a downward flow

Watch glasses : A shallow glass dish used as a beaker cover or evaporating surface.

Mortar & Pestle:
an instrument with a rounded end, used in a mortar to reduce a solid to a powder or produce a homogeneous mixture of solids.

Bunsen Burner: Gas burner used in laboratories, consisting of a vertical metal tube through which a fine jet of fuel gas is directed

Evaporating Dish: used to heat and evaporate liquids

Florence Flask: used for heating subtances that need to be heated evenly

Forceps: An instrument with two blades and a handle used for handling, grasping, or compressing

Spatula: small implement having a broad, flat, flexible blade that is used to mix, spread, or lift material.

Test Tube Holder: free-standing racks with holes in them which hold test tubes

Clay Triangle:used to hold a crucible while the crucible is heated

Rubber Stopper: used to seal test tubes and other types of glass to keep out airborne contaminents

Utility Clamp:(knew definition) Used to hold items in place

Wire Gauze: a texture of finely interwoven wire, resembling gauze

Ringstand: used to hold glassware in place during an experimental procedure

Crucibes: A vessel made of a refractory substance such as graphite or porcelain, used for melting and calcining materials at high temperatures.


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