Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Drugs Contraindicated During Lactation


All drugs of abuse are contraindicated during lactation e.g. amphetamine, cocaine, heroin, phecyclidine and marijuana, accumulate in breast milk and cause irritability and poor sleep patterns.

• Antineoplastics: potential for immune suppression
• Bromocriptine: suppresses lactation
• Ergotamine: potential for suppressing lactation, vomiting, diarrhoea and convulsions
• Immunosuppressants: potential for immunosuppression
• Lithium: milk contains 40% of maternal serum concentration
• Misoprostol: produces severe diarrhoea in infants
• Nicotine (smoking): decreased milk production
• Phenindione:massive scrotal haematoma and wound oozing after herniotomy

Drugs requiring temporary cessation of breast-feeding
• Metronidazole: diarrhoea and secondary lactose intolerance.
• Radiopharmaceuticals:Stop breastfeeding temporarily to allow clearing from milk according to the chemical nature of the isotope.
• Quinolones: potential arthropathy in infants.


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